The Fox Hollow Farm Show Team

Our highly competitive FHF show team is led by trainer and show team coach Christy Conway. Nearly every weekend Christy will travel with members of our show team to various venues both locally and nationally. Our team is currently active in many local Circuits at both the ‘C’ and ‘A/AA’ levels. Christy also consults and trains riders at other barns who are also participating with the FHF show team. For a list of shows and other events, please visit our calendar.

Some members of our show team:

Natalie Boyle on Follow Me
Lauren Orfinik and Sweet Tea
Caroline Fuller and Woodlands Olivia
Grace Burud and Outer Banks
Madison Brown on Omega
Madison Brown on Omega
2010 USEF Pony Finals
Taylor Gilliland and Lands End Wye Wait
Tess Wrigley and Platinum Edition
Callahan McPherson on Mariposa
Jack Springman on Denali
Legacy Byrd on Snazzy Lady
Naomi Collins on Follow Me
Sabra Moore on Rollingswoods Sticky Buns
Kylee Buchholz on Epic
Kylee Buchholz on Mortons Chatelaine
Lauren Slater on Rendezvous
Best Turnout Award for Rollingswoods Sticky Buns - 2014 Pony Finals